LM Trading AS, established in 1987, on the west coast of Norway, is a manufacturer of first-class sea products supplied throughout and past Europe



LM Trading is established in the midst of the richest fish areas in the world which gives us plentiful availability of first class raw materials from the sea.

Specialized brand name products

LM Trading AS have specialized in manufacturing high quality products from a confined productgroup. Our products are sold both under our own - and our customers brand name.

Market situation

We deliver seaproducts within and throughout Europe. AS EU has expanded with several new country members and because of recent fishtrade-treaties, LM Trading is aiming to get hold of bigger market shares in the expanded European Market with our specialized seaproducts.


Traditions and modern production

We have attended to Norwegian fishing and fish processing traditions, and combined these techniques with modern production philosophy and industrial equipment.

Quality Assurance

There are several quality requirements to satisfy when manufacturing high quality sea products. Our defined quality policy is the superior management tool of our Quality Assurance System (QAS).

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